Q:  what is yoga to you?  

A:  Yoga is what happens at the intersection of focused awareness and divine grace.  Put another way, yoga is a continuous practice which gives me strength, courage, and confidence to move through life’s challenges, both large and small.

Q:  share something people most likely do not know about you.  

A:  I used to be the torch-bearing party animal in my career as a high-tech industry businessman.  I've passed that torch on!  Also, I avoid watching violent/scary movies.  To give you an idea, even that last Avengers movie was too much flying around and bashing heads for me! 

Q:  what is your favorite yoga sutra? and why?

A:  2.16 Heyam Duhkam Anagatam, which means “the suffering that has not yet come is avoidable.”   It felt like it was a very heavy sutra when I first came across it, but in fact it is a message of hope, that we can absolutely design and define who we want to be in life.  

Q:  what book are you reading now...? what does this book mean to you? 

A:   “Big Vegan Cookbook” – an amazing source book for making simple yet delicious food.    The book means that we can eat more than just salads.  Tried and true, tasty recipes!


Thanks to fellow teacher Brima Jah for these interview questions!