Steven’s Mission

Continue to learn and practice Yoga.

Share what I practice. 

Safely guide others to explore Yoga in a life-affirming way.


About Steven

Steven is an avid yoga practitioner based in San Francisco, CA.   As with many people who take up yoga, his practice has changed his life countless ways for the better.  When Steven took his first yoga class, it reminded him of the breathing that he used to practice growing up doing Tai Chi with his father.  He completed the teacher training program at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center.  Since returning from spiritual journey in India, he's resumed his work in the tech world and teaches and practices at Laughing Lotus. 

Steven offers gratitude and respect to all his teachers, including:

  • Ariel, the love of my life.
  • Jasmine Tarkeshi, Dana Flynn, Keith Borden at Laughing Lotus San Francisco
  • Devorah Sacks, Chad Herst at Sun Room
  • Sarah Tomlinson of Yantratecture
  • Yogi Kamal Singh at Tattvaa Yogashala Rishikesh, India
  • TKV Desikachar, Mekhala Desikachar at Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram in Chennai, India
  • Rusty Wells, Christopher Love, and my first teachers Mark Miroku and Sean Hall
  • Mom, Dad, and his sisters Becky and Val

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Yogic Resume

Teaching Experience:

750+ hours of group classes taught in San Francisco, Beijing, and Rishikesh, India

Instructor at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center San Francisco

3 classes/week                   Sept. 2009 – 2013           

Yogic Studies:

8+ years of practice and 500+ hours training

Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals certificate program with Leslie Kaminoff (on-going)

100Hr teacher training with Dana Flynn and Keith Borden of Laughing Lotus San Francisco            Spring 2010

Yoga in India                                  January - August 2009

Mysore – studied with Acharya Venkatesh and Sri V. Sheshadri                                                                      

Rishikesh – studied with Rudra Dev, Usha Devi, and Yogi Kamal Singh

Chennai, Krishnamachaya Yoga Mandiram - Heart of Yoga program with TVK Desikachar and KYM staff

Tamil Nadu - Navagraha Yoga Pilgrimage and Yantras with Sarah Tomlinson 

200Hr teacher training Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Flynn of Laughing Lotus Yoga San Francisco  Fall 2008

Practicing yoga since 2004 – primarily Hatha and Vinyasa styles

Learned Tai Chi from my father growing up, age 8-14                                    

Regular daily sadhana practice